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Vancouver Debtor-Creditor Lawyers

For any business, the collection of accounts is critical to profitability. Ensuring collectability begins the moment a prospective customer walks in the door and extends from the credit-granting process through the management of the account to ultimate payment of the debt. Decisions about interest terms, security, including guarantees and indemnities, record keeping, and collection practices all affect your business’s ability to recover an outstanding account.

Debt collection is a unique type of litigation that requires specific legal knowledge and an approach that meets business needs, in order to reduce the costs and increase the amount, of recovery.

At McKechnie & Company, we recognize that every dollar spent reduces the value of a recovered debt and that non-financial considerations, such as maintaining good business relationships, also play into debt collection decisions. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to bring a pragmatic, cost-conscious approach to debt collection to ensure an optimal result.

The lawyers at McKechnie & Company are qualified to deal with all manner of issues arising between debtors and creditors, including:

  • enforcing payment of personal and commercial debt obligations
  • defending debt claims
  • enforcing commercial credit agreements, guarantees, and the like
  • obtaining judgments for debt in both Small Claims and Supreme Court
  • pre- and post-judgment garnishment
  • fraudulent conveyances and preferences
  • enforcing judgments through identification of and execution against assets
  • negotiation of payment terms or schedules
  • enforcing and defending builders lien claims
  • representing creditors in foreclosure bankruptcy and Companies Creditors Arrangement Act proceedings

We provide cost-effective, quality legal representation for creditors and debtors throughout British Columbia and take a focused and hands-on approach to every file that we handle. Our objectives are to give every client good, high-quality legal service at reasonable expense and conclude their files promptly and effectively.