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Vancouver Builders Lien Lawyers

If, as a construction manager, contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, renter of equipment, or worker, you are unpaid for work or materials provided to a construction project, you may be entitled to file a claim of builders lien, or to avail yourself of one of the other remedies available under the British Columbia Builders Lien Act, to secure your right to be paid.

As a landowner planning or involved in the construction of an improvement on your property, you need to be aware of your rights and obligations under the Builders Lien Act. If you fail to comply with your obligations, you may become liable for unanticipated payment obligations which could have been avoided by seeking and obtaining competent legal advice in advance. If your project has been delayed or stalled by liens against your land, you will need competent legal advice to address the liens and get your project moving.

The Builders Lien Act is complex legislation that demands strict compliance. If you need to avail yourself of its remedies or defend yourself against them, time is not usually on your side, as the deadlines are short and cannot be extended. If you need to file or enforce a builders lien or have it discharged, it is important to do so correctly, and an experienced lawyer can help you prepare the proper documents in the required form and by the required deadline.

When builders lien issues arise, self-help is not the route to take. It’s better to seek competent legal advice, and the lawyers at McKechnie & Company are available to assist project managers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and other construction project participants to ensure that construction liens and other statutory remedies are properly prosecuted, and project owners know how to deal with them.