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Identify Your Rights In Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

There is a wide range of injuries that may be sustained in a motor vehicle accident, including whiplash-related injuries, concussions and other head injuries, and psychological injuries. It is important that you understand your rights to compensation and your entitlement to rehabilitation benefits.

With over 75 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at McKechnie & Company can help you navigate your rights with ICBC and, if necessary, file a claim for compensation and benefits.

We have assisted clients in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia assess their damages, expenses and financial losses as a result of accident injuries. We can help you identify and protect your rights.

Negotiate Better Settlements

Our lawyers have experience advancing claims on behalf of clients. We have worked on both sides of motor vehicle accident claims – acting for both plaintiffs and defendants – and have experience and understanding of how ICBC approaches personal injury cases.

This experience allows our team to negotiate better settlements for motor vehicle accidents. We leverage our experience working with ICBC to help resolve your matter. Our knowledge and experience help reduce claim processing delays as we have established professional relationships with many ICBC adjusters.

Team Approach

At McKechnie & Company, it’s not a single lawyer who works on your claim – it’s the entire team. Our goal is to reduce the burden of the legal process for you while you recover. We fulfill this goal by:

  • Using our experience to determine the strength of your case
  • Targeting reasonable compensation that protects your interests
  • Outlining your strategy options for negotiations and, if necessary, litigation

We make every effort to negotiate a settlement of your case, but if your case proceeds to trial, we use our trial experience to argue for and protect your rights in court.

Start You Claim Today

If you have been injured or involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact McKechnie & Company. You can call us at 604-800-2690 or toll-free at 877-393-3469 or set-up a meeting using our online form.