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Understanding The Impact Of Personal Injuries

Your ability to perform ordinary tasks like going to work, spending time with friends and family, or walking up a simple flight of stairs may be seriously impaired if you’ve been injured in an accident. How do you attribute a financial value to the loss of ordinary routines?

McKechnie & Company wants to make sure you are properly compensated for injuries sustained in an accident. Whether it was caused by a car, truck, recreational vehicle or scooter, or whether you were a driver, passenger, or pedestrians, we will assess the value of your losses and structure a claim that addresses your legal rights and entitlements.

Use Our ICBC Experience To Fight Your Claim

Our goal is to make sure your personal injury claim covers all the areas in which you suffered losses and that you receive appropriate compensation for them. To achieve this end, we leverage our experience as defence lawyers for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to your advantage as a claimant.

Our insights into the approach which insurance companies take to motor vehicle injury claims will be used to effectively resolve your claim. We leverage this behind-the-scenes knowledge to develop a legal strategy for the resolution of your claim that is practical, realistic and timely.

Practical Analysis Of Claims

Certain costs, like medical bills, might be straightforward to calculate. Grey areas, such as loss of enjoyment of life, are more difficult to measure. This is where our experience working with ICBC is an advantage. We can create solutions in a timely manner that are in line with insurance policies, and protect your interests.

Our experience covers a range of motor vehicle accidents and injuries, including:

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