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Why Choose Us For Personal Injury Claims?

Many lawyers offer legal representation for personal injury claims. But can they say they have the intimate insight into how ICBC approaches these matters?

At McKechnie & Company, our lawyers have extensive history representing ICBC as defence counsel on insurance claims. This insight is beneficial when acting for the plaintiff as we can provide clients with realistic advice about their claim.

Extensive Experience Working With ICBC

Our experience working on behalf of the ICBC has provided us with an in-depth understanding of how they approach personal injury cases. We have a good sense of the issues they stand firm behind, and the issues that are more likely open to negotiation.

We use this experience to provide you with solid legal advice when building your case. We can provide you with reasonable options to pursue compensation and inform you on how realistic the outcomes will be.

Properly Prosecuting a Personal Injury Claim

When we prosecute a personal injury claim, we ensure that we have accounted for all the injuries suffered and the consequences of the accident, fairly assessed the claim’s strengths and weaknesses and identified a sensible strategy for its resolution. From long experience, we understand how both ICBC and the courts view different types of injuries and their consequences.

Acting As An Effective Liaison Between You And ICBC

With our history of working on ICBC claims, we have developed professional relationships with many of their adjusters. We leverage this experience to provide you with an accurate assessment of your case and to manage it for you to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

Our lawyers can provide you with insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Our goal is to protect your interests, so you can focus on recovery, and negotiate a fair, reasonable and timely settlement.

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