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Vancouver Appellate Barristers

If you believe that there was a mistake made during litigation that deprived you or your business of a fair or correct result following a trial, you may have the right to appeal the adverse outcome. At McKechnie & Company, we have successfully handled commercial appeals resulting from verdicts and judgments from trials in courts throughout British Columbia.

While a bad result is not, by itself, a basis for filing an appeal, errors of law or demonstrable flaws in the process that have prejudiced the outcome of your case are grounds for appeal. Our lawyers will review your case to determine whether such grounds for an appeal exist and, if there are, will provide you with competent advice about the advisability, timing and cost of an appeal. Since deadlines for commencing an appeal are usually short, you should promptly seek legal advice if you believe that the decision you have received is wrong.

Able To Represent Clients In A Range Of Appellate Matters

Flaws that could result in an appeal may include the misapplication of the law, inadmissible evidence, wrong or insupportable findings of fact, procedural or other errors. Our firm has handled appeals resulting from claims that include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction litigation
  • Debtor-creditor litigation
  • Real property litigation
  • General commercial litigation, including contract disputes
  • Personal injury claims

In our appellate representation, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional and professional legal service in a manner that is as prompt, efficient and cost-effective.