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Understanding Concussion Injuries

Concussion injuries are a type of brain injury where the head meets with heavy impact. In addition to striking an external object, a concussion can result from the brain hitting against the interior of the skull itself. The result of such an injury can range from minor, short-term effects such as dizziness and vomiting, to trouble with speaking or the inability to concentrate, to more serious consequences such as permanent loss of memory.

At McKechnie & Company, we assist clients in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia in pursuing compensation for concussion injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. Whether caused by a collision involving a car, motorcycle, ATV or bicycle, we possess the experience to effectively negotiate a settlement that will benefit you.

The Reality Of A Concussion Claim

Concussion injuries are challenging to diagnose and treat, and their long-term consequences difficult to predict. Often, they can be diagnosed only symptomatically, rather than by objective evidence from medical tests. Further, treatment and evaluation of such injuries can be expensive and on-going. These challenges can increase the difficulties of prosecuting a claim for concussion injury.

Our firm has an extensive history working with ICBC on personal injury cases. This knowledge provides us with insight into both the plaintiff and defendant perspectives on such cases. We use this knowledge to devise a strategy for appropriate resolution of the claim which best fits the circumstances.

Tailored Negotiations

Our firm effectively litigates personal injury matters. We make sure we pursue the route that will best suit your goals. We pursue alternative methods to litigation. We offer solid legal advice to resolve matters with ICBC to achieve a fair settlement.

If negotiations with ICBC does not result in fair compensation for you, then we will bring the matter to court. Our litigation experience involving ICBC gives our firm an advantage — we know the general approach ICBC takes to personal injury cases. We can provide you with reasonable strategies for your specific situation.

Don’t Wait To Start Your Claim

Concussion injury claims should be started right away. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer collect data and review your case as soon as possible.

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