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Vancouver Mediation Lawyers

Given the time and financial costs associated with litigation, many businesses are better served by pursuing alternative dispute resolution, including mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process that is used to avoid settling disputes in court. A third party (the mediator) will help the parties with the negotiation process and will move the dispute towards an effective resolution that meets the goals of both parties. Unless a settlement agreement is reached, mediation is a non-binding process.

At McKechnie & Company, in Vancouver, our lawyers represent individuals and businesses in mediation throughout British Columbia. These are confidential proceedings that are far less formal than the traditional court system. While mediation may result in a legally enforceable resolution, it does require the voluntary participation from both parties, unless there is a contract stipulating mediation that has been previously agreed upon.

Understanding Mediation And The Mediator’s Role

Mediation settles conflicts outside of the traditional court system and allows businesses to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings. Any dispute can be resolved with mediation if the parties are willing and motivated.

A mediator will discuss possible settlements and encourage the parties who are disputing to arrive at a resolution on their own. A primary job of a mediator is to facilitate discussions to get parties to agree on a resolution.