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Orthopaedic Injuries Explained

An orthopaedic injury affects a part of the body that is required for movement or support, that is, the musculoskeletal system comprising the bones, joints, and supporting musculature. Motor vehicle collisions frequently cause such injuries, the consequences of which can range from minor fractures to loss of a limb. Whiplash is a specific type of orthopaedic injury.

At McKechnie & Company, our goal is to make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries. Our lawyers understand the physical, emotional and psychological trauma that results from an accident.

The Advantage Of Our ICBC Experience

In addition to representing plaintiffs in motor vehicle accidents, we have experience litigating on behalf of ICBC on insurance claims. This experience provides our firm with the insights necessary to evaluate your claim and devise a strategy for recovering fair compensation for you in an economical and timely manner.

We have the experience necessary to lessen the burden on you of navigating the law and procedure associated with prosecuting a personal injury action, thus allowing you to focus on recovery. Our firm has effectively served clients in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia with legal advice and strategies in claims against ICBC.

Taking Your Matter To Trial

With our experience negotiating settlements for both sides in injury claims, we can provide you with realistic, ethical resolutions. We understand that certain effects of orthopaedic injuries such as grief, post-traumatic stress and anxiety resulting from the accident are harder to measure.

If we cannot reach a settlement through negotiations, we will take your matter to court. It doesn’t matter if ICBC will not recognize the effects of your injury — it matters what the court will recognize. We make sure we advise you on the best strategies for receiving compensation should your matter move to trial.

Ask For Legal Advice Now

If you or someone you know is a victim of an orthopaedic injury, seeking experienced legal counsel is essential to your insurance claim. You can arrange a consultation with McKechnie & Company by sending us an email using our online form or call us at 604-800-2690 or toll-free at 877-393-3469.