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Vancouver Arbitration Lawyers

Arbitration is a legal process that is used to avoid having to settle a dispute in court. In arbitration, an unbiased third party (the arbitrator) reviews the case and will make a final, binding decision in favour of one of the parties. Like mediation, arbitration is a confidential proceeding that is less formal, and often less expensive, than litigation. Unlike mediation, arbitration is a more formal process. The arbitrator hears evidence and argument and renders a binding decision about the dispute and, once arbitration is commenced, the parties are not free to simply abandon the process at any time. The arbitration process itself, however, is flexible, and largely determined by the parties themselves. Following arbitration, the rights of appeal of an arbitrator’s decision are more limited than the rights of appeal following a trial judge’s decision.

Arbitration is not a process that should be taken on without legal advice. Decisions such as the choice of arbitrator, the choice of process, and the choice of forum are all complex and important.

McKechnie & Company, can assist your business through the process of arbitration and help you understand what to expect. Our lawyers have more than 80 years of combined experience and have helped companies throughout British Columbia resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration and at trial. When disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, we are prepared to go to trial to pursue damages or specific performance.